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Key Issues

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Eliminate Carbon Tax

Ending the NDPs "job-killing' Carbon Tax

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Balanced Budget

Getting our books "back in order"

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Families First

Supporting Alberta's families

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"Shaun is an incredibly passionate individual with a wealth of experience to draw upon.

He will be an excellent representative for the UCP and the constituents of Edmonton-Rutherford."


Local Teacher 

Online Co.

"Shaun is very committed to his family, personable, practical and knows from his hard work in the energy industry, Alberta's economic and environmental issues. That's the kind of experience we need in the legislature to help the Province move forward. We're voting for Shaun."

Christine & Bill

Constituent Residents

Brick & Mortar Retail Co.

"Shaun, will be a great asset for the UCP. His sharpness, dynamism, enthusiasm, humour and ability to relate to many different kinds of people are only some of his great assets. As well, he cares deeply about the key issues we are facing at present."


Constituency Business Manager

Truly Services LLC

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